Advances in Printing and Media Technology

ISBN 978-3-948039-04-8 ISSN 2409-4021 (Online)

Vol. XLIV – Online edition (2023)

Advances Vol.49 (2023) Wuppertal (free of charge)

Extended abstracts

A static compression study on the lateral pressure variations of flexo post-print on corrugated board

Li Yang, Hans Christiansson, Anni Hagberg and Cecilia Rydefalk

Control of ink-water balance in offset lithography by machine learning

Eric Holle, Felix Knödl, Martin Mayer, Tizian Schneider, Dieter Spiehl, Andreas Blaeser, Edgar Dörsamand Andreas Schütze

Optimization of printable electrolyte

Gunter Hübner, Marvin Graner and Aakash Grewal

Printing biocathodes: construction and characterization of an air breathing platform 

Élise Bessac, Sébastien Solan, Bilal Demir, Nadège Reverdy-Bruas and Anne Blayo

Influence of atmospheric plasma polymerisation on the printability of polycarbonate and poly (methyl methacrylate) 

Mansi Vivek Puro, Dhia Ben Salem and Michael Dattner

The thermochromism of organic pigments dispersed in liquid phase 

Tim Stiene

The fate of synthetic polymers – an analysis on the future of plastic waste

Volker Jansen

Organic solar cells with an inkjet printed P3HT:O-IDTBR layer based on a green solvent by utilizing a heatable printhead 

Niklas Guhr and Holger Göbel

Cyanotype – from hand craft to industrial print 

Thorsten Euler, Jakob Feldmann, Dieter Spiehl, Edgar Dörsam and Andreas Blaeser