The Board

The Association is managed by a Board consisting of the President and six members. The Board manages, controls and directs the affairs, funds, and property of iarigai. Members of the Board are elected by the General Assembly for a term of two years, and eligible for reelection for two subsequent terms, while the term of office of the president President is three years, whith a possibility for another term.

The Board establishes a Program and publishing committee, responsible for all issues related to the program International research conferences, as well as for publishing issues. In addition, the Board may establish committees for any area of interest for the Association.

The Executive committee carries out business of the Association between regular Board meetings or in cases if and when the Board cannot convene. Members of the Executive committee are per officio: the President, the Vice President and the Secretary General.

Former Chairperson of iarigai

1965-1967 Dr. V. G. W. Harrison
1967-1971 G. Carlsson
1971-1975 J. F. Monroy
1975-1980 Dr. Peter Scheidt
1980-1985 Harvey F. George
1985-1991 Prof. Dr. Kurt Schläpfer
1991-1997 Boris Fuchs
1997-2003 Anders Bovin
2003-2011 Helene Juhola
2011-2017 Anne Blayo
2017-2023 Gunter Hübner

Former General Secretaries

1965-1996 Kenneth N. Hoare
1996-2003 Karl-Adolf Falter
2003-2014 Dr. Mladen Lovreček
Prof. Fritz Bircher

Zurich, Switzerland

Dr. Branka Lozo

Secretary General
Zagreb, Croatia

Dr.-Ing. Daniel Bohn

Member of the Board
Wuppertal University

Dr. Cathy Ridgway

Member of the Board, Program committee chair
Oftringen, Switzerland

Dr habil Erzsébet Novotny

Member of the Board
Budapest, Hungary

Dr. Tomas Syrovy

Member of the Board
University of Pardubice

Prof. Dr. Nona Woolbright

Member of the Board
Clemson SC., USA

Li Yang

Member of the Board
Stockholm, Sweden