Advances in Printing and Media Technology

ISBN 978-3-948039-02-8 ISSN 2409-4021 (Online)

Vol. XLVIII – Online edition (2022)

Extended abstracts

Modeling and investigating the dynamic gloss of flexo printed UV-inks containing aluminum pigments

Carl Fridolin Weber, Hans Martin Sauer and Edgar Dörsam

Investigation of relationships between the flexographic printing plate patterning and the anilox surface and volume in case of solid white ink printing on transparent materials

Csaba Horvath, Klaudia Manurova, Edina Preklet and Ferenc Varza

Angular dependent reflectance spectroscopy of RGBW pigments 

Alina Pranovich, Abigail Trujillo Vazquez, Daniel Nyström, Sergiy Valyukh, Jeppe Revall Frisvad, Susanne Klein and Carinna Parraman

Free dispersing agent impact on latency issue for water-based inkjet inks

Amélie Brogly, Gilbert Gugler, Gioele Balestra, Raphaël Wenger, Aurore Denneulin and Anne Blayo

Advanced print-media business models for circular economy domains

Hocheol Yang, Jihyun Kim, Stephanie Kelly and Ryan Goke

Effects of synchronousness in online learning experiences and the level of social presence in the pandemic 2021

Shu Chang, Christine Heusner, Marla Schweppeand and Gail Argetsinger

A gate-to-gate life cycle analysis of wide-format flatbed inkjet printing

Zuha Waqar and Jonghun Park

Revising our thinking on tone value increase

John Seymour

A visualization tool for paper compression in a rolling nip

Emanuele Zeni, Cecilia Rydefalk and Li Yang

Evaluation of measurement methods for compression, re-swelling and material thickness through the embossing process of cardboard

Ulrike Kaeppeler, Jennes Huenniger and Lutz Engisch

Optimization of PEDOT:PSS layers for hole transporting layers of organic photodetectors

Tomáš Syrový, František Josefík, Lucie Syrová, Ignasi Burgués Ceballos, Petr Janíček, Jhonatan Rodriguez Pereira, Lubomír Kubáč and Laura López Mir

Creation of a comprehensive high-resolution image data set on an industrial web press to investigate hydrodynamic pattern formation in gravure printing

Pauline Brumm, Thomas Sprinzing, Thorsten Euler, Matthias Galus, Armin Weichmann and Edgar Dörsam

Comparison of the performance of DLC to chromium as wear resistance layer on a gravure cylinder for printing fine line structures

Laura Cirstea, Anna Kolesova, Hammad Khan, Mohamed Abouelmagd, Swapnil Patel, Thomas Sprinzing, Matthias Galus and Armin Weichmann

Multivariate sensor dataset of an industrial rotogravure printing press (MSDIRPP)

Tobias Enk and Peter Urban

Development and luminance measurements of a fully screen-printed multi-segmented electroluminescent clock

Thorsten Euler, Dawid Madzelan, Pauline Brumm, Edgar Dörsam and Andreas Blaeser

Exploring computer-to-screen applications for innovating a conventional screen-printing practicum

Carl Nelson Blue

Printable electrolyte for printed batteries

Gunter Hübner, Michael Krebes, Laura Cirstea and Anna Kolesova

Inks for Li-ion battery anodes printed by rotogravure

Jorge Vicco Mateo, Kevin Matthew, Alexandra Pekarovicova and Paul D. Fleming

Generation of a paper embossing preview using 3D scanning and Fourier analysis

Jakob Feldmann, Felix Braig, Dieter Spiehl, Edgar Dörsam and Andreas Blaeser

Wetting and adhesion phenomena of surface-treated float glass

Sarah Patejdl, Ulrich Jung and Katharina Freieck