Mission statement

To meet the need for a high quality scientific publishing platform in its field, the International Association of Research Organizations for the Information, Media and Graphic Arts Industries is publishing a quarterly peer-reviewed research journal.

The journal is fostering multidisciplinary research and scholarly discussion on scientific and technical issues in the field of graphic arts and media communication, thereby advancing scientific research, knowledge creation, and industry development. Its aim is to be the leading international scientific journal in the field, offering publishing opportunities and serving as a forum for knowledge exchange between all those interested in contributing to or learning from research in this field.

By regularly publishing peer-reviewed, high quality research articles, position papers, surveys, and case studies as well as review articles and topical communications, the journal is promoting original research, international collaboration, and the exchange of ideas and know-how. It also provides a multidisciplinary discussion on research issues within the field and on the effects of new scientific and technical developments on society, industry, and the individual. Thus, it intends to serve the entire research community as well as the global graphic arts and media industry.

The journal is covering fundamental and applied aspects of at least, but not limited to, the following topics:

Printing technology and related processes

  • Conventional and special printing
  • Packaging
  • Fuel cells and other printed functionality
  • Printing on biomaterials
  • Textile and fabric printing
  • Printed decorations
  • Materials science
  • Process control

Premedia technology and processes

  • Color reproduction and color management
  • Image and reproduction quality
  • Image carriers (physical and virtual)
  • Workflow and managementt

Emerging media and future trends

  • Media industry developments
  • Developing media communications value systems
  • Online and mobile media development
  • Cross-media publishing

Social impact

  • Media in a sustainable society
  • Environmental issues and sustainability
  • Consumer perception and media use
  • Social trends and their impact on media

Submissions for the journal are invited at any time and, if meeting the criteria for publication, will be rapidly submitted to peer-review and carefully evaluated, selected and edited. Once accepted and edited, the papers will be printed and published as soon as possible.