IARIGAI at DRUPA: Science to Drive Your Industry

IARIGAI & IS&T & VIGC: DRUPA 2016 event
Science to Drive Your Industry

The DRUPA fair is running at full speed when the organisations IARIGAI, VIGC and IS&T teamed up to organize a 2 hour meeting in the DRUPA congres center. After the welcoming by Anne Blayo, president of Iarigai, high level speakers presented there technological advances in the different aspects in the graphic industry.

First highlight came from Marc Graindourze from AGFA. Inkjet in packaging is hot at this DRUPA and Marc showed us some nice examples to prove this. Agfa has developed a low migration UV curable inkjet ink that has excellent properties for use in food aplications. A Belgian brewery has implemented inktjet printing on PET-bottles in their production lines, running at 30.000 bottles/h.

As a second speaker Frederik Van Hove, Innovation Engineer at the Cartamundi company informed us about the PING-project. PING stands for “Printed Intelligent NFC Game cards and packaging”. Six European expert companies, from chip design to finished product, have joined forces in order to connect printed products to the digital world through NFC-technology.

The possibilities of a marriage of electronics and paper is further covered by Anu Seisto (VTT) and Mr. Vahid Akhavan (Novacentrix). Anu reported the status of the European Cost actinPack project. 4 working groups are exploring the use of printed intelligence in packaging. Mr. Vahid Akhavan reported the principles of photonic curing of Inkjet Printed Conductors which immediately was picked up by members of the European projects.

Recyclability is (or has to be) an important issue in the graphic produxtion chain and this was commented by Mr. Axel Fischer of INGEDE, the international association of the deinking industry. In his comments Mr. Fisher explained basic principles of de-inking and the deinking results for conventional offset, UV-offset and digital printing technologies (ex INDIGO liquid ink and LANDA nanography).

Last but not least Mr. Gorazd Golob and Mr. Fritz Bircher (University of applied Sciences Fribourg) informed us about Iarigai publications and upcoming Iarigai conferences (Toronto 2016 and Fribourg 2017). IS&T representatives Mr Fisher and Mr. LaBarca presented the upcoming IS&T-conference “printing for fabrication” in Manchester (UH).

Many thanks to all conbtributors and attendents of this short event and hope to see you on one of these upcoming conferences.