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8. Dissolution of the Association

The dissolution of iarigai shall come into effect upon a decision by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of those regular Members represented in person or by proxy at the annual or the Extraordinary General Assembly, assuming that a rightful quorum is attained, and provided that all the Members have been informed of such a proposal at least six weeks prior to the aforesaid General Assembly.

In the event that such resolution is not carried because the required majority of votes is not obtained, the proposal shall then be determined by a postal ballot which shall be held within eight weeks of the date of the aforesaid General Assembly, and for which a majority of votes of at least two-thirds (2/3) of the Members of iarigai shall be required. Notice of the ballot and full details of the proposal must be given to each Member not less than four weeks in advance of the declared closing date for the return of the voting papers.

In the event of dissolution of the Association or abandonment of tax-favoured purposes, the assets of the Association shall be entrusted to a legal person by public law or another taxfavoured body for use in the promotion of science and research.

In case of dissolution, Members of iarigai shall not be responsible for any debts or liabilities that could have arisen from the activities of the Association.

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