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5. General Assembly

The authority of the Association derives from its Members and is exercised through the General Assembly. Being the highest body of the Association, General Assembly shall consist of the official representatives of the regular Member organizations or by their nominated proxies. Proxies shall present a written document confirming their status and signed by the official representative.

In addition to regular Members, fellow Members, as well as honorary Members may attend the General Assembly, but shall have no voting right.

The General Assembly shall convene one time every year, preferably during a conference organized by iarigai. The Board shall set the date and the venue of the General Assembly and inform Members at least three months before the Assembly. The Secretary General shall send in writing the invitation for the General Assembly, together with the agenda and all related documents to each regular Member at least six weeks prior to the date of the meeting.

Any Member who wishes to raise any matter at the General Assembly shall send notice of this matter to reach the Secretary General at least four weeks before the aforesaid General Assembly.

Either more than one-fifth of all members, or the majority of the Board, or the President may call for an Extraordinary General Assembly. Invitation to such an Extraordinary General Assembly shall be made at least six weeks prior to the date of the meeting and shall state the agenda.

The General Assembly is chaired by the President of iarigai, or, if absent, by the Vice-President or another member of the Board appointed by the President.. Sessions of the General Assembly shall be recorded in the Minutes, maintained by the Secretary General, which shall be signed by the President and the Secretary General, and consequently verified by two members elected by the General Assembly.

The powers of the General Assembly shall be:

a) To approve the list of representatives present and voting, including proxies;

b) To appoint two persons among regular Members who shall, together with the President, approve the minutes;

c) To receive and approve the annual report of the Board;

d) To receive the accounts for the previous financial year and the report of the Auditor(s);

e) To discharge the President and the Board of responsibility for the past tenure of office;

f) To approve the budget for the forthcoming financial year;

g) To elect a President of iarigai for a period of three years;

h) To elect members of the Board for the period of two years;

i) In the case a Board member has been suspended, to decide on terminating the term or cancelling the suspension;

j) To approve fellow Member(s) upon recommendation by the Board;

k) To confirm the appointment of a professional Auditor(s);

l) To determine the annual membership fees;

m) To transact any additional business as may arise.

Meetings of the General Assembly shall be legitimate with a quorum consisting of at least one-half and one (1/2+1) of regular Members. Decisions of the General Assembly shall be reached by simple majority of votes of those Members represented in person or by proxy, except for the dissolution of the Association (as described in Sect. 8) and for the approval of amendments to these Articles (as described in Sect. 9).

The Chairman of the General Assembly shall have a casting vote, except for the elections for the President. Elections for the President and for the members of the Board shall be made by secret ballot.

The President shall be elected among nominated candidates by votes of one-half and one (1/2+1) Members taking part in the voting. If no candidate achieves such a majority, a second round of voting shall be carried out, with the two nominated candidates with the highest number of votes.

Members of the Board shall be elected by the General Assembly with the simple majority of votes of representatives and/or proxies present. In the case none of the nominated candidates are elected, another person shall be nominated by the Board and elected by postal ballot in due time.

All elections shall become effective by the end of the General Assembly.

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