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4. Membership

4.1 Categories of membership

iarigai shall have four categories of membership:

a) Regular Members

Institutes, organizations, universities or companies engaged in research in the field of information, media and graphic arts, as well as their suppliers can apply for regular membership. The Board shall consider applications for membership. The application for membership should be submitted in writing.

b) Honorary Members

Former officials of the Association shall be automatically considered as honorary Members after ending their active service and assuming that they are retired. The Board shall acknowledge the status of the persons, while Secretary General shall inform all Members. The status of an honorary Member shall be personal and cannot be transferred to another person.

c) Fellow Members

Persons with extraordinary competence and reputation, who are of special value for iarigai and its goals and who are not employed by any regular Member of the Association, can be appointed as fellow Members. To become eligible, fellow Members-to-be must be active in the field addressed by or being within the scope of interest of iarigai. Candidates can be proposed by at least two Members of the Association and must be accepted unanimously by all Members of the Board. There shall be no numerus clausus set for fellow Members.

d) Sponsoring Members

Any person, institution or company pledging to support the Association with regular financial or other contributions, can be appointed as a sponsoring Member. Every regular Member can propose sponsoring Members-to-be; all members of the Board must accept the proposal unanimously. Sponsoring membership is valid for the period of three years and can be renewed by the decision of the Board.

4.2 Dues, privileges and duties of Members

All Members of iarigai shall strictly comply with these Articles. Members should be committed to act in the interests of the Association. Each regular Member shall nominate a person to act as its official representative and contact person. The Member shall notify the Secretary General in writing of any change concerning its official representative. Each Member shall notify the Secretary General in writing of its registered address and any change in the address and/or status. Each Member (except the Honorary members) shall be required to pay such annual subscription to iarigai as shall be determined for each category by the General Assembly. Any Member wishing to terminate the membership shall inform Secretary General in writing before the end of the year. After issuing due warnings, the Board shall terminate the membership of any Member not fulfilling the duties or not complying with these Articles.

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