Newsletter March 2019

Dear iarigai Members,
It is our great pleasure to inform you in brief about the iarigai activities during the past months as well as to announce the upcoming events.

46th iarigai Conference, HdM Stuttgart, Germany, September 15 – 18 2019
The 46th International scientific Conference of iarigai in 2019 will be organised at University of Media in Stuttgart, Germany, September 15 – 18, 2019, by the Conference Director Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gunter Hübner, the president of iarigai. All details are available from the link

The conference is organised under the subtitle “Print is Everywhere” expressing special attention to topics where printing technologies are used in innovative ways of applications:

  • Printed functionality
  • Printed electronics
  • Industrial printing
  • Printing processes (all types: Inkjet, Gravure, Flexography, Offset, Screen etc.)
  • Print products − print product development
  • Innovative substrates, coatings and other materials for coating and printing
  • 3D-Printing, additive manufacturing
  • Green printing
  • Security printing
  • Packaging printing and engineering
  • Work Flow and Colour Management
  • Graphic design
  • Print quality

The Call for submissions is open until March 31st 2019, thus it is still in time for new contributions! Visit for submissions.

The most important conference dates are:

  • 31st March 2019 deadline for submission of extended abstract
  • 15th May 2019 registration starts
  • 31st July 2019 early bird registration deadline
  • 15th -18th September 2019 conference days

The review process will take place in April 2019. For those kindly assisting in the important task of reviewing the submissions, approached by the Conference Technical Programme Committee, for the benefit of scientific level of the conference, thank you!

Board meeting in November 2018
In November 2018 the board meeting took place at HdM in Stuttgart, Germany. During the meeting the Final Conference Report for the 45th iarigai Conference in Warsaw was accepted by the board members. Board members expressed their gratitude to Prof. Zuzanna Żołek-Tryznowska, to Prof. Petriaszwilli and the whole host team for their huge effort in organizing a great conference and a wonderful department anniversary celebration. The co-location with the IC conference was considered as a positive move for both associations, this concept might be used for some future events as well.

Publishing issues
Dr. Gorazd Golob, Editor-in-Chief, summarised his presentation given at the board meeting:

“News about the Journal of Print and Media Technology Research

At the Board meeting in November 2018 in Stuttgart, the main topic was a review of the situation and future activities regarding the Journal. With a total of 116 scientific papers published in 7 volumes, starting in 2012, the Journal has proven to be a successful project, which is now ready for new challenges. The basic concept, a journal intended for publication of results of scientific research and communication among researchers and experts in the field, has remained the same since the beginning when the first editors, Nils Enlund and Mladen Lovreček, supported by the Board of iarigai, published the first issue. With the indexing in the Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI, by Clarivate Analytics) and in Scopus (by Elsevier B.V.) the Journal has faced new challenges.

Some of the improvements that are expected to be realized in 2019 are presented in this Newsletter.
An alternative option to publishing a paper, for example a report from a research project, where publication of the results will be required in the “full open access” journal, will be offered to researchers.

A special edition of the Journal, dedicated to security printing will be edited by invited guest editor Erzsébet Novotny and published in June. The major change will be presented in September when the Journal will be published for the first time in cooperation with the International Circle of Educational Institutes for Graphic Arts and will be edited by Martin Habekost, the current Editor-in-Chief of the International Circular of Graphic Education and Research (IC Journal). With this cooperation, the interdisciplinarity of the Journal will further increase, especially by covering the additional field of “Media education, management, and research”.

In order to achieve these objectives, to cover additional content within the scope of the Journal, as well as geographical areas and to raise the quality, the Editorial Board will be expanded and reorganized. The new members of the iarigai, and closer cooperation with the IC in the publishing field, contributed to these decisions. The Scientific Advisory Board will also be refreshed, which will provide professional support to the Journal with new experts, retrieval of new authors, high-level reviews of the papers and promotion of the Journal in academic institutions and research groups which operate under and enjoy a high reputation.

Some changes will also be made to the iarigai website, in particular to generate a more user-friendly access to the Journal for all iarigai members and subscribers and also for other users who recognize it as an important communication channel in the field of print and media technology research.

The first issue of the Journal in 2019 will be released at the end of March. After several transient challenges, it is encouraging that the number of papers has gradually increased, and in this issue there will be a total of five published. Other papers received are still under review or being revised by the authors and will be published in later issues.

Some modifications in the publication process and access to the papers will also be implemented to improve visibility and usefulness of the Journal, such as publication of the paper on the website immediately after acceptance by the Editorial Board, and later reprinted in the final “online” and “print” issue of the Journal, which will remain the most important peer-reviewed quarterly in our research field.”

iarigai Research Grant
IRG – iarigai Research Grant: Call for Applications for 2019 ended with three submissions, the workplans were evaluated by the board members, and approved. The IRGs are going to be used during the calendar year 2019 and presented afterwards at the conference and / or as journal publication.

Your support!
The iarigai Board invites you to contact the iarigai President, any of the Board members or the Secretary General with your suggestions and ideas for the future development and benefit of the Association. We also kindly ask you to continue the promotion of iarigai, its conference and publications among your colleagues!

With kind regards,

President Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gunter Hübner

Secretary General Prof. Branka Lozo

Dr. Branka Lozo

Secretary General
Zagreb, Croatia

Dr. Gunter Huebner

President of iarigai
Stuttgart, Germany