International Scientific Symposium GRID20 November 12–14, 2020

International Scientific Symposium GRID20

November 12–14, 2020 

Invitation from Sandra Dedijer, Chair of Organizational Committee

The 10th scientific GRID20 symposium aims to continue the exchange of expertise among scientific workers, researchers, experts and professionals who work in the graphic industry in Serbia and abroad. GRID20 international symposium will take place on November 12–14, 2020 in Novi Sad, Serbia. Symposium will be hosted and organized by the Department of Graphic Engineering and Design // University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences.

This year, 83 scientific papers will be included in Symposium proceedings, indexed in SCOPUS base since 2018. The scientific research that will be presented is the result of the collaboration of numerous authors from 21 countries: Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Germany, USA, Canada, Lithuania, Egypt, Russia, Czech Republic, Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey, Poland, Ukraine, Greece, Albania, France, Malesia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

The first day of the symposium will start with the plenary lectures:

COLLABORATION IS THE FUTURE OF COMMERCIAL PRINTING, David L. Zwang, Chairman of the Ghent PDF Workgroup (GWG) // Principal at Zwang & Company Danbury, Connecticut, United States

NEW APPROACHES IN SMART PACKAGING TECHNOLOGIES, PhD Arif Ozcan, Marmara University School of Applied Sciences, Department of Printing Technologies, Istanbul, Turkey


We will continue with the presentations from the field of printing, paper technologies, graphic materials and processes efficiency, packaging and packaging added value, print quality, education, novel technologies, digital media, design and typography.

The second day of the symposium will be in the light of scientific presentations as well as the interesting presentations of partners from the industry (digital printing, flexography, web design, gaming industry).

The third day of the symposium will be organized in the form of digital poster sections.

The detailed time-table will be available soon on the official symposium website:

The entire event will be streamed online and all interested parties will be able to follow the presentations from the scientific community as well as the presentations of the exhibitors from the industry. When implementing online presentations, Cisco WebEx platform will be used. In this way, we want to enable participation in the conference for both lecturers and a wider public.

If you would like to receive the link to join the symposium and you are not on our mailing list, please send an email to

We are sincerely looking forward to your participation!