iarigai Research Grant – IRG – Open Call for Applications until October 31st, 2018

Scope and Aim

The iarigai Research Grant – IRG – exists to provide financial support to scientists at member institutions wishing to undertake a short period of residence at another member institution abroad for the purpose of enabling scientific exchange / research visits.

The aim of IRG is to intensify joint research cooperation among scientists within the iarigai community, to enable knowledge transfer and/or the use of laboratory equipment available at the host member site as well as to foster the networking among partner institutions. The IRG is to promote future joint publications at the upcoming iarigai Conferences as well as in the JPMTR journal.


iarigai will support four or more IRGs per year. The annual budget of 6000 Euro is allocated for the IRG programme. An individual IRG may be considered up to a limit of 1500 Euro. The minimum duration of the scientific exchange / visit is five working days.

The IRG is meant as a support toward scientific visits, and is limited to travel and stay expenses only. The concept of IRG is not to cover all the costs related to the scientific visits. Other expenses, visas, insurance, unexpected situations or similar should be drawn from other sources. The payment is regulated strictly as reimbursement after the accomplishment of the scientific visit and after submission of supporting documents the requirements for which must be agreed prior to scientific visit.

Prior to the Scientific visit / Application

Once a year, iarigai will launch a Call for Applications for the IRGs. Both the applicant and the host should come from the iarigai member institutions, each institution residing in a different country. They both are cordially invited to use the obtained results and achieved knowledge for the benefit of the iarigai scientific events and publications, and, hence, the iarigai community as a whole, i.e. the iarigai Conference and JPMTR Journal.

The “EasyChair” software program will be used for online application processing to enable applicants to upload the necessary documents and to ensure the efficient management of the required proposal review process.

The required documents are:

1. Name and affiliation of the applicant, e-mail contact, short CV (up to one page);

2. Workplan, one page, prepared by applicant, supported by the host in terms of an invitation letter;

3. Invitation letter, prepared by host; the acceptance and agreement with the workplan has to be mentioned explicitly;

4. Expenses breakdown of the foreseen travel and stay, not greater than 1500 Euro for a period not shorter than 5 working days; visit dates are to be within the calendar year of the application.

All required documents (1 – 4) should be assembled into one pdf. file. Once logged in the EasyChair, the applicants should upload the assembled documents as “Paper”, (see the Help section below).

The Evaluation Process

Once the deadline for application is reached, all the applications will be distributed subsequently to the iarigai Board members. Each application will be evaluated by the Board members and the mean value of the evaluations of at least three Board members will be applied (*).

After the evaluation process is over, the applications will be listed by the evaluation score. The four applications ranked from the first to fourth place will be accepted for financing. In the case not all of the applicants asked for the highest eligible amount, the remaining funds will be offered to the fifth and/or subsequent applicant(s). The same will apply in case of cancellation of any of the four applications accepted in the first instance.

The granted applicants will be informed, and will have to formally accept the IRG. By accepting the IRG the applicant will agree that the results obtained during the scientific visit, if intended to be published, will be submitted to the iarigai scientific Conference and/or JPMTR with formal Acknowledgement given to iarigai for funding.

(*) Exceptions: Should any of the two, applicant or host, come from the same institution as any of the Board members, the named Board member will be excluded from the evaluation process.

After the Scientific visit / Reimbursement

Once the visit period is over, the grantee is obliged to prepare a Scientific Report approved by the host. The documents to be submitted after the scientific visit, within three weeks period, are:

1. Scientific Report, prepared by the grantee, approved by the host;

2. All official Invoices for travel and stay expenses, bank and account transfer details.

Once the supporting documents are submitted and checked, the IRG will be paid to the grantee.

The evidence of all accomplished IRGs will be publically available at the iarigai web pages.

Help: How to Apply?

To send the application online, open: IRG2019

If you don’t have an EasyChair account you need to create one (you will be asked to do this after opening the link above):

1. Enter captcha code, then enter your name and email address; 2. You will receive an email response, click on the link provided therein to continue your registration; 3. Enter your contact information. Your account is then ready for use; 4. Log in to EasyChair with the Username and Password of your account (www.easychair.org); 5. Select from tab EasyChair, My conferences, IRG2019; 6. Under Submission tab, click add a submission, fill in the requested information and upload your .pdf file (assembled documents) as paper and SUBMIT (you will receive email confirmation).

Submissions by email will not be considered.

Call for Applications is open until October 31st, 2018