46th International research conference of iarigai – Call for Contributions and Submissions of Extended Abstracts


Print is Everywhere

Stuttgart, Germany, 15−18 September 2019

Under the above general title, the conference invites submissions for presentation and publication of scientific or technical contributions, presenting original and previously unpublished research covering all topics of media technology with special attention to:

  • Printed functionality
  • Printed electronics
  • Industrial printing
  • Printing processes (all types: Inkjet, Gravure, Flexography, Offset, Screen etc.)
  • Print products − print product development
  • Innovative substrates, coatings and other materials for coating and printing
  • 3D-Printing, additive manufacturing
  • Green printing
  • Security printing
  • Packaging printing and engineering
  • Work Flow and Colour Management
  • Graphic design
  • Print quality

However, contributions are not strictly limited to above areas and topics.

Call for Contributions and Submissions of Extended Abstracts

Authors from iarigai member organizations, as well as from other research institutes, universities and industrial R&D are invited to submit results of their research for presentation at the conference.

Only quality contributions, not previously published or presented, will be considered. An Extended Abstract of between 2’000 and 3’000 words (including 3-5 keywords) prepared in .docx or .doc format using the Official Submission Template following the Guidelines to Authors only should be submitted online no later than April 15th. The Extended Abstract should be informative enough including diagrams and graphics to allow for an evaluation of the scientific and/or technical value of the contribution.

Therefore, the abstract should include clear statements on:

  • The objectives of the research
  • Research methods
  • Results including suitable supporting diagrams and graphics
  • Conclusions, clearly indicating the novelty of the work

To send the contribution online, open:


If you don’t have an EasyChair account, already you need to create one (you will be asked to do so after opening the link above)

  • Enter captcha code, then your name and email.
  • You will receive an email response, click on the link provided therein to continue your registration.
  • Enter your contact information. Your account is then ready for use.

Once you have the EasyChair account log in with your username and password.
Under the ‘New Submission’-tab, enter the required information and upload your extended abstract, and SUBMIT (you will receive email confirmation).

Submissions by email will not be considered. More details about the conference can be found on http://www.iarigai-stuttgart-2019.de and www.iarigai.org

All received extended abstracts will be reviewed by at least two independent experts. All authors of submitted Extended Abstracts will be informed of the results of the selection no later than 31st May 2019. The authors of reviewer recommended contributions will be expected to submit the final text of the Extended Abstract prior to acceptance responding to the requirements of the reviewers not later than 15th July 2019. Authors will be invited to give the presentation only if previously registered for the conference and with providing a short biography. Extended Abstracts selected for presentation will be available for conference participants in the form of conference proceedings. Presentation slides will be additionally available on the iarigai website. Authors of high quality contributions will be invited subsequently to submit complete papers for possible publishing in the peer re- viewed Journal of Print and Media Technology Research.

Visit www.iarigai-stuttgart-2019.de for more info

For further details, you can contact:

Dr. Gunter Huebner

President of iarigai
Stuttgart, Germany

Dr. Branka Lozo

Secretary General
Zagreb, Croatia