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Evolutions in food packaging printing

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3. Special Printing Applications

3.10 Braille dot height impact on the functionality and legibility of the pharmaceutical packaging

Gorazd Golob, Bojan Rotar, Damjan Šulc

>From October 2005 the EU Directive 2004/27/EC came into force. According to Directive the name of the pharmaceutical product must also be expressed in Braille format on the packaging.

First set of measurements was based on 4 different two-side coated cardboard. We prepare 21 different samples. 18 of them were relief printed on the die-cutting machine by applying different degrees of pressure. The legibility of the names on the pharmaceutical packaging was analyzed with help of nine blind people who have contributed to the successfully completed work. It is evident from the results that the successful reading of the blind is greatly dependent on the height of the dots of Braille.

Second part of the study of the Braille text quality and endurance of embossing tools was based on aluminium matrix and eight different materials for patrix, including steel, brass, plastics (marbafibre) and different photopolymers.

Third part of the study included measurements of Braille text produced in-line tools (Accu-Braille) on folder-gluer, UV ink-jet printed Braille text and UV screen printed on pressure sensitive labels, with analysis of legibility with a group of blind persons with proper skills.

Keywords: Braille, legibility, blind and weak-sighted, embossing, raised printing
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