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Evolutions in food packaging printing

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4. Innovative use of printing

4.13 Light stability of thermochromic prints

Mojca Friškovec, Rahela Kulčar, Marta Klanjšek Gunde

Light with larger photon energy has a detrimental effect on colour and appearance of prints over longer periods of time. Conventional printing inks usually have an acceptable lightfastness, mainly because of the high stability of applied pigments. On the contrary, novel smart printing inks have more sophisticated pigments which, in most cases, are not crystalline and therefore have a low resistance to light and also to high temperatures and some chemicals, thus needing additional protection.

Our work is based on protection of thermochromic printing inks against UV light. Such inks have microencapsulated thermochromic composite (leuco dye, developer, solvent). Three different commercial inks were tested. Two different lacquers were applied over printed samples as a protective layer. The dynamic colour of protected theromochromic layers was compared with the properties of the corresponding unprotected samples. Physical properties of samples were analysed by SEM micrographs of differently etched sample surfaces.

Keywords: thermochromic inks, protective lacquers, UV protection, artificial weathering, total colour difference
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