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6. Management of the Association

The management of iarigai shall be carried out by the Board and the Executive Committee and by the officials of the Association: the President, the Vice President and Secretary General.

The Board may decide to appoint other officials on a provisional basis.

6.1 Officials of the Association


a) The President

The President of iarigai is responsible for the overall management of the Association and for the fulfillment of all scientific and business commitments. The President represents the Association, especially in its dealings with other organizations. The President calls for and chairs the meetings of the Board and the General Assembly, approves and/or co-signs with the Secretary General the minutes, annual reports of the Board and all official documents. The term of office of the President shall be three years, with the possibility of reelection for a second term of three years. The President shall be elected from within the regular Members of the Association, upon the proposal by the Board. A group of Members, representing more than 20% of membership can nominate a person for the President. Nomination should be submitted to the Secretary General at least eight weeks prior to the designated date of the General Assembly.

b) The Vice President

The Vice President shall perform such duties related to the management of the Association as the President or the Board may assign. The Vice President shall act for the President in the President's absence. The Vice President shall become Acting President until the next regular election upon the death, incapacity, resignation or expulsion of the President. The Vice-President shall be elected among the members of the Board, with a simple majority of votes of the full Board. The term of the Vice President shall expire with the termination of his/her position in the Board, after which a new person shall be elected as the Vice President.

c) The Secretary General

The Secretary General shall have executive responsibility for the operations of iarigai. The Secretary General shall carry out the current business of the Association in agreement with the President and implementing decisions taken by the Board. Secretary General shall maintain and update records of the Association, prepare and dispense Minutes of the Board meetings as well as of the General Assembly meetings, financial reports and statements, annual reports of the Board. Secretary General shall be responsible for the management of the resources at the disposal of the Association. Secretary General shall be appointed by the Board and shall resign when a new President is elected or at the request of the Board. The Board shall thereafter appoint another person as the Secretary General or re-appoint the previous one. The Secretary General of the Association shall hold a nonvoting, ex officio position in the Board.

6.2 The Board

The Board shall consist of the President and six (6) members. The Board shall, under the supervision of the General Assembly and in accordance with § 26 of the BGB, manage, control and direct the affairs, funds, and property of iarigai The Board shall meet at least three times per year. Meetings of the Board are chaired by the President of iarigai or, in case of the President's absence, by the Vice President. The Board may adopt its own rules of procedure, as long as they do not contravene these Articles.

In addition to a Program committee, the Board may establish committees for any area of interest for the Association. Meetings of the Board shall be legitimate and decisions executive with a quorum consisting of four (4) members. Decisions in the Board shall be taken by the majority of votes of the Board members present at the meeting. President shall have the casting vote. Members of the Board shall be elected by the General Assembly for a term of two years, being eligible for reelection for two subsequent terms. Under special circumstances, the Board may unanimously recommend an extension of the last term of a Board member for a maximum of 12 months. Any member of the Board, not fulfilling the duties or not acting in the interest of the Association, may be suspended by the unanimous decision of all other members of the Board, pending the final decision by the General Assembly.

6.3 The Executive committee

The Executive committee shall carry out business of the Association between regular Board meetings and/or in cases if and when Board cannot convene. Decisions taken by this body shall be executive, but subject to consequent confirmation by the Board. Members of the Executive Committee shall be per officio: the President, the Vice President and the Secretary General.

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