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3. Principal activities of the Association

Accomplishing the mission and principal aims as described in Section 2, the Association shall pay special attention to the following:

a) Research conferences

iarigai shall organize regular International Research Conferences, with the purpose of the development and advancement in the information, media and graphic arts science and technology. Conferences shall be organized by iarigai alone or jointly with one or several Members. The Board shall appoint a conference director and a Program committee for each event.

The Board shall decide on the venue, date and main topic of each conference and shall present it to the General Assembly for approval 24 months prior to the designated event.

b) Auspices over conferences and symposia

In addition to organizing regular annual research conference, iarigai may support other national and/or international events, organized by regular Members of the Association. Auspices of iarigai are intended to be a label of quality for the respective events. Institutes/Organizations being Members of the Association may apply in writing for support at least 12 months prior to the date of the event. The Board shall decide whether the event is corresponding to the requirements and standards of the Association and lies within its sphere of interest. Supporting of the event shall not imply any financial or other obligations for the Association.

c) Publishing activities

The Association may publish proceedings and/or other materials related to research conferences and other events organized by the Association. In addition, the Association may publish journal(s) and/or other scientific or educational publications alone, in cooperation with other organizations or in agreement with publishing houses. A committee for publishing activities may be established by the Board.

d) Research projects

iarigai shall serve as a platform for research projects that are of common interest, leading to overall progress and development and aiming at scientific excellence. The Association shall encourage joint projects and exchange of researchers among its Members. Results of such cooperation should be made widely available to the international scientific community.

e) International cooperation

iarigai may establish relations and have cooperation with associations on equal basis and with full reciprocity. Such relations shall be established by the Board. However, the Association shall act independently within the international research community in the best interest and for the benefit of its Members.

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